My pas­sion is the under­stand­ing and inter­pret­a­tion of inter­per­sonal com­mu­nic­a­tions in vir­tual teams then to take that under­stand­ing and use it to help organ­isa­tions get the most from their vir­tual teams.

Through ongo­ing research, lead­ing to a PhD in the field, my exper­i­ence of work­ing for over 30 years in inter­na­tional pro­ject exe­cu­tion and my exper­i­ence con­sult­ing to organ­isa­tions, both new to and with some exper­i­ence in the use of vir­tual teams in their pro­jects, I help organ­isa­tions and indi­vidu­als become more effi­cient and suc­cess­ful in using the vir­tual pro­ject teams approach.

The mater­ial in the blog posts on this site is provided to give some insights and help to those inter­ested in under­stand­ing what makes teams and team mem­bers work, and what can cause prob­lems between the team mem­bers when things go wrong or are not set up cor­rectly dur­ing the plan­ning phase.